Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One installer issue down, one to go

I wrote recently about the two issues I have been trying to solve with some bad installers in 10.6. Well with rev261 of InstaDMG I now have one of the issues solved. The solution is exactly as I described: replace the launchdaemon offering the installd service with one that is chrooted into my install target. I rain a pair of tests with the new version of InstaDMG on a 10.6.2 vanilla image: one with the new code, and one with it disabled (there is a switch for that). The results were exactly as I had hoped for: the iLife Support Update 9.0.3 components get installed with the new code, but get left out of the one without the new code.
So I am marking one of those two issues worked-arround. I wish that the solution to the other one suddenly presents itself, but I am not going to hold my breath, as I am pretty convinced that that one is going to take Apple making a change to solve.
As always, if you want it solved, then tell Apple how this is affecting you, and how many purchases it is affecting. This is not strictly a bug with Apple's code (at least not in the installer binary), so they are likely to not see it worth the engineer time to make the changes unless we can show them reason that it is worth the time (that would otherwise go into other features/changes/fixes).

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