Tuesday, February 9, 2010

InstaDMG Quick-start

With a recent addition to InstaDMG it now is even easier to create a basic "Vanilla" image. In fact it is now down to just three commands:
svn checkout http://instadmg.googlecode.com/svn/trunk instadmg sudo ./instadmg/AddOns/InstaUp2Date/importDisk.py --automatic --legacy sudo ./instadmg/AddOns/InstaUp2Date/instaUp2Date --process 10.6_vanilla
Just "cd" into the directory where you want InstaDMG to go, and make sure you have the appropriate MacOS X Installer DVD in the drive, and let it go to work. But be prepared for some waits, the first command should only take 5-10 seconds, but the other two take at least 45 minutes apiece. I have a script that has been doing all of this in about 2 hours 41 minutes. After you have done this once you don't need the first two commands, and can get by with only the third command. I have a nice screen recording of this process that I have edited down to less than 2 minutes that I will be posting after I use it in my presentation at Macworld.

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