Friday, June 19, 2009

Looking for a job

On a more personal note: I recently was laid off from my job as part of a economy-related layoff at my employer, and so I am in the market for a job.

My work supporting large-scale Macintosh deployments has lead me into a lot of exciting areas in the last year: developing a loginwindow plugin, getting a patch accepted into Radmind, writing a multi-partition flexible imaging system, and taking over development of InstaDMG. Combined with presentations at two major conferences, MacWorld and SIGUCCS, it has been an exciting year, and I am looking for a position where I can continue this work.

I am open to both contract and full-time opportunities, and am willing to relocate for a good opportunity. If you have such a position available, or know of one that is coming available I would appreciate it if you could contact me at I am especially open to contracts for training or consultation on InstaDMG.

My resume can be found through these linkes, either in PDF format, or in Microsoft Word format. I am working to provide an open-source portfolio of my work, the start of which can be found at the following locations:

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